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Johnstone's Primers and Undercoats range of paint consists of many paints that the company can order in if not in stock.  Please call for further information.

Ceramic Tile & Melamine Primer

Adheres to glazed tiles and melamine surfaces that are notoriously difficult to paint. Conventional paints and primers will not hold fast to such surfaces, but with Johnstone's Ceramic Tile & Melamine Primer flaking paint will no longer be a problem. Explore the range...

Quick Dry Primer Undercoat

A multi-purpose product that cuts preparation time in half, by combining a primer and undercoat in one Quick Dry Primer Undercoat provides an outstanding foundation to which topcoats can be applied. Ideal for use on wood and plaster and is ready to overcoat in 1-2 hours. Explore the range...

All Purpose Primer

Designed to be used on all surfaces including melamine, MDF, wood veneer, plasterboard and metal. All Purpose Primer allows easy coverage with any gloss or satin finish whilst minimising flaking and levelling uneven surfaces.

Traditional Wood Primer

An oil based high performance wood primer that can be used on soft wood, plywood, chipboard and hardwoods. Traditional Wood Primer protects, levels and fills uneven wood surfaces providing the perfect base for any gloss or satin finish. Explore the range...

Traditional Red Oxide Primer

A traditional anti-corrosive primer which has consistently proven its superiority when safeguarding against rust. Traditional Red Oxide Primer can be used as a primer, creating a level foundation over which gloss can be applied or as a decorative coating. Formulated for use on surfaces such as gates, railings and metal pipes, and can be applied to smooth or rusted metal.


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